Camaro Superfest 2019
Eastern Michigan Camaro Club
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At CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019 we will be the first event to celebrate the CAMARO PIONEERS - the first year of each generation of Camaros! 1967, 1970, 1982, 1993, 2010, 2016 were the first year of each Camaro generation and will have their own judging classes for regular Camaros!! Let's see those Pioneers!! We look forward to your attendance at CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019!

CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019 is proud to maintain the highest of standards by giving out the best and most awards for an all Camaro event. NO OTHER EVENT gives out the type of awards or has as many classes as we do!! Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places in these classes: PLUS our BEST Awards - two awards, one each for an original/restored Camaro and the other for a modified Camaro in these categories- Best Paint, Best Engine, Best Interior.
Special Awards one each - Longest Distance Driven and Trailered, Club Participation, Participants Choice, Judges Choice!
Camaro Pioneers Awards - because we are celebrating the Camaro Pioneers - the first year of each Camaro generation, all 1967, 1970, 1982, 1993, 2010, 2016 Camaros will have their own classes in original-unrestored, stock-restored, street and modified.
Please remember, Judging at CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019 is always optional (additional entry fee) and is based on cleanliness and detailing. We are NOT a concourse event!

CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019 will continue to use a judging system that has proven popular and easy - DRIVE TO Judging!! What this means is that the Judges are located in one place... our Judging Tents at the southern end of Riverside Park. To get your Camaro judged (additional fee) you drive your Camaro TO the judges! This way, your Camaro is not judged until you are ready to have it judged. There will be 6 judging lanes. Each lane covers certain classes. Please refer to your event program for the classes for each lane. To ensure judging consistency, you must be in the proper lane!

CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019 will again be using a SELF CLASSIFICATION system. Who better to classify your Camaro... than YOU!! All of the classes, rules and instructions on how to classify your Camaro will be in your event program. (we will also get it posted here approx. one month before our event) It's not hard to do... we simply ask you to be HONEST in the evaluation of your Camaro so that everyone having their Camaro judged, will enjoy the process and be given a fair try at winning an award. NOTE: The Judges have the final say. If a Camaro is obviously classified wrong... they can switch it!

CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019 will again be offering our SPONSORED AWARDS this year! These will be awards that are sponsored by businesses, clubs or even individuals. These are extra awards and not included in the class awards! The sponsor will pick the winner for their award and help give out the award at the end of the event! Please go to our website for complete details. If you would like to give out a Sponsored Award then please call, write or email us.

For the 9th year, the Michigan Firebird Club will be our judges. These great, dedicated individuals have done a great job for us and have renewed their commitment to be fair and judge all Camaros properly. CSF has always had paid, independent judges like the Michigan Firebird Club, as it insures that you get the best judging possible. Please remember, while they are paid... they are also volunteers, giving up their weekend to be here with us and enjoy the show too! THANKS Michigan Firebird Club for your dedication at CAMARO SUPERFEST 2019!

Just so you can know ahead of time what your
Camaro will be judged on, you can preview the
Judging Sheets that our judges will be using.